Pastor Nettleton’s Books


“Unexpected Grace” 

by: Louis Nettleton

“Unexpected Grace” is a collection of true short stories showing how grace works in everyday life helping you to see the hand of God working in the midst of hardships. I believe this book will inspire you to look back into your own life discovering the imprint of God’s grace affirming God was their all along. I hope you will seek out this book read it and then share it with your family, friends, and Church.

“Unexpected Grace,” is a perfect read and study for home Church groups, Sunday school classes, neighborhood study groups as well as individual studies.  At the end of each chapter you will find discussion questions supported with daily Bible readings for any application you desire… Enjoy “Unexpected Grace.”

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“Marriage for Life”

by: Louis Neddleton

“Marriage for Life” explores the negative consequences of violating marital boundaries that are sure to compromise the safety of this sacred institution. This resource will sure to be a great tool in your relationship toolbox.  It is good teaching at its best, complete, but accessible. Most important, it is God’s heart for our nation despite the trends to redefine or to minimize the role of God ordained marriages. Pastors and Small Group Leaders, utilize this small book in small and large groups alike. This book can also be readily used in pastoral counseling and pre-marital sessions. Our prayers for those who read this book is for the Holy Spirit to be present and to personally confirm that anything in the Master’s hands will prosper.


“Grace for the Dark Times”

by: Louis Neddleton

“Grace for the Dark Times” is a book designed to be a devotional, a study guide, and real-life stories coupled with Biblical truth to help you walk through your personal darkness. There is light at the end of the tunnel even though you don’t see it yet. There is nothing complicated about enduring darkness we all will have to face, it’s chilling grip, perhaps more than once in our lifetimes. Having something taken from the Bible and life itself will be a source of encouragement helping you endure your season of darkness. I believe that the depth of your darkness is but a shadow of your victory yet to come so look up and know that Jesus is leading you through your darkness into greener pastures.