WR and BLGL’s Services and Activities

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                                        Divine University

Being Light, Giving Love has an outstanding Children’s Ministry, based on the fact that you are never to young or old to learn about God. Toddlers and Infants are capable of learning to sing, worship and pray. The service setting is simular to our church services in that there is a songs of worship and praises followed by a sermon or lessons.

Divine University is our Sunday Worship Service for children ages 3 to 11 years old. The children will receive a lesson all together, then will be divided up into smaller groups. The smaller groups rotate from crafts, snack, and games that are based on the lesson of the day.

In edition to Divine University we have Divine Beginning  our nursery which cares for children ages birth to 2 years old. Our caring staff will provide child care during our Sunday worship service. We maintain a safe, Godly, learning environment which includes music, coloring pages and free play. We take pride in caring for your child(ren) in an environment that teaches even our youngest children about the glory of God.

Gal’s of Grace

Gal’s of Grace is our women’s group that began in November of 2014.  At the beginning, we wanted to grow in Christ together, but we quickly found out that there were many aspects to growing together.  Many churches have a women’s group and they are only involved at church.  We have discovered through our fun nights that the best way to passionately edify a sister in Christ, you truly must be her friend! We’ve already seen and prayed each other through many trials, frustrations and impossible situations and we don’t intend to stop now!

We meet every other Monday night from 6:30 pm-7:45 pm and we provide childcare. We have studied love, blessings, changing our perspective to God’s perspective, acts of service, passionate female examples in the bible and in history and we just finished the bible study from the movie War Room! Every time we finish a series of lessons we have a fun night!   We have done a wide range of activities: gone shooting, spa day, dinner out, and movie night! We aren’t exactly your typical women’s group.

We also serve our church as a group.  We have done wedding receptions, baby showers and are now heading up the Food Pantry.  In our studies, we have learned that a woman should be loving, capable, compassionate and well connected.  We cannot be any of those things if we don’t reach outside of our comfort zones with honesty and truth. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4.

Caleb’s Club

Caleb was one of the 12 spies who entered Canaan, he and Joshua were the only two spies that entered the promise land. Some forty years later, at the age of 85, he was claiming the mountain God promised him, the land where the giants lived. He was strong and could fight and was confident that with God’s power he would conquer his mountain.

We used Caleb as an example to encourage older Christians, to use their strength and experience, to help others. Even though they are elderly they still have more to offer; they are assets, not liabilities.

Caleb’s Club is a Bible study on Wednesday morning, most of those who attend are elderly but the class is open to all ages. You don’t have to be a member of this church to attend!

We consider one Bible book at a time, allowing us to get a better understanding and answer any questions. The setting is casual, often we drink coffee and eat donuts, occasionally we have a guest speaker or even a birthday party.